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Queen of the Night

A bargain worthy of the old gods…


Persephone and Hades eloped but happily-ever-after was put on hold when Prometheus invaded the Underworld to make her his bride.


Although the trickster god's plan was thwarted, Hades was wounded. Zeus agreed to confine Prometheus on Mt. Olympus as long as Persephone lived on Earth. If she failed to return at the summer solstice each year, Prometheus would be released…and the Titans set free.

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Lord of the Underworld

Can a god find bliss stripped of his status as a deity?


Relinquishing his divinity, Hades is allowed to live in modern New York City with his wife Persephone "Seph" for six months. As Hayden, the powerful lord of the underworld undergoes a transformation as an internet influencer sensation.


For ages, he was unjustly feared, the Underworld confused as a place of punishment. Adoration was never something he was able to expect, let alone enjoy.

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Book no.3
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