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Bound to the Billionaire: Dominate Me

Alex Stone is a self-made billionaire with a secret life. Lora Taylor is a 40-something divorced mom with an ex-husband who left her for a younger woman. She's given up on second chances, that is until Alex Stone enters her life.


Confident, attractive and successful, Alex is used to being obeyed. Drawn into a world beyond her wildest dreams, Lora must learn the rules of domination in order to be bound to the billionaire. But if she can't learn to surrender and embrace her deepest desires, she may lose everything. 

Bound to the Billionaire: Lie to Me

Wall Street intrigue forces a woman to go to a billionaire investor for help to protect her family from a scandal. The one man she swore she would never fall in love with. The one man who can save her, protect her family and find the truth.


But first she has to lie to him about her motives, so that he will help her save her family's reputation. But in the process she might lose her heart to him, and everything she's fighting to protect.

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Bound to the Billionaire: Her Surrender

When her billionaire boss finds out her boyfriend was stealing from the tech firm where she works, she strikes a bargain to keep her boyfriend from prosecution.


A bargain that will require her to spend two weeks on his private island estate, and be open to all of his desires

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